Goodbye worries… Hellooooo confidence!

Get ready for a boost in test taking confidence – learn the critical thinking strategies to leapfrog your skills to a new level!

  1. Learn the 5 core NCLEX critical thinning strategies you need to master before your first attempt at the exam.
  2. If you’re the kind of person who feels guilty for procrastinating… only to end up more stressed out and overwhelmed… then this course is for you!
  3. End your fear of the NCLEX… no longer fear the exam.
  4. Join the other Nursity Insiders who gained the confidence to dominate the NCLEX.
  5. Or… take a different route to the NCLEX. I just want to see you succeed and join me as a professional nurse!

Try it before you buy it!

Master Lab Values for the NCLEX and your career!

Why Nursity?

Just ask these new nurses… 

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your program. It made a huge difference in my understanding of material that I’d already been exposed to be didn’t necessarily ‘get’. I passed my NCLEX exam in 86 questions. I had taken the NCLEX 3 times before. I was a 2nd degree nursing student coming from a medieval studies and Law School background. I struggled. Your program was direct and concise. I am so thrilled I found it. I would recommend it to EVERYONE!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"



"For anyone preparing to take the NCLEX or even someone just needing a little help in nursing school, this program is great. I always did pretty well in nursing school but obviously the pressure of the NCLEX was still daunting for me. The strategies and concepts really broke it down and made it easier to understand, especially the lessons regarding prioritization (which are a must for the NCLEX). The extra boost of confidence didn’t hurt either!"


South Carolina

"I wanted to share my good news. I recently took boards and passed! I had the minimal amount of questions and 29 SATA. I used your strategies along with a couple of books. I want to thank you so much, I feel that your information is truly helpful. I will share your videos with instructors and anyone else who will listen!"



"I waited over a year to take my NCLEX the first time. I did the Kaplan review and I failed at about 150 questions. I then purchased Hurst Review and received 265 questions on NCLEX just to fail again. I was running my own business and had almost left the idea of being a Nurse. It was almost year 3 past my graduation date when I found a couple of videos from Nursity. I wanted something more up to date with the changes in the Nclex then Hurst or Kaplan. I purchased the Nursity program for about $260. I spent over a month studying and still receive 265 question but this time I passed. One difference I found with Nursity is that he breaks it down to what you need to know. Where everyone else makes you feel like you need to know everything. He simplifies Pharm and EKG's to where you will actually remember it. I'm probably one of the only students to buy Kaplan, Hurst and Nursity. Not including all of the Saunders and other books. If only I would have found Nursity first."



"Thank you so much NURSITY!! I am so excited to let you know after finishing your review I have finally passed NCLEX-RN !! Your strategies are right on track and were just what I needed to get through it! I am so glad I came across your videos and I am so happy to be able to begin my start in nursing! I couldn't have done it without you!! I could never say thank you enough!!!"



"I passed the NCLEX!!! Before taking the NCLEX I was worried about the exam because tests aren’t always my strong point and the SAT’s were terrible for me. On the NCLEX I suffered through about 170 questions (I turned off the counter around 150 - because I started freaking out) BUT I just thought of you saying “you’re still in the game” and I think that alone saved me. The Client Priority module was so helpful! It made me wish I had known this during the whole course of nursing school. This is a really unique NCLEX prep course and congratulate you on creating an awesome course."


South Carolina

"Before taking the Nursity review course I was very nervous about the NCLEX - especially since I failed the exam the first time I took it. I was beside myself. After taking your course and using your strategies on the NCLEX, I passed on my second attempt with only 75 questions! You provide a realistic and practical way to analyze questions…avoiding any second guessing. Your support and encouragement has been amazing and I can’t thank you enough!"



Focus on strategies and concepts! 

The NCLEX is a judgment and thinking exam…
so seek not to remember facts, but to understand concepts.

Do you know what to do when you encounter topics you’ve never seen before? This is the basis of the NCLEX and computer adaptive tests – everyone gets to a point when they don’t know what to do. What’s your strategy going to be?

Essential NCLEX Strategies

We share test taking strategies to enhance critical thinking skills and create high performance NCLEX test candidates. The NCSBN doesn’t want to give a license to a nurse who simply KNOWS stuff; they want nurses who can apply their knowledge to different situations…they want critical thinkers!

Progressive Nursing Education

This ain’t your mamma’s nursing education… But trust us, there are no boring slideshows or crappy computerized tutorials here…just the high-yield need-to-know content packed into a collection of worksheet guided lectures.

Overflow With Nursing Confidence!

Transitions in life are stressful!  You have graduation to look forward to, passing the NCLEX, finding a job, and repaying loans – UGH! It’s time to relax knowing that Nursity is on your side to empower you with the tools and strategies you need to guide you through this transition.

Course Details

Get ready for a boost of test taking confidence and strategies for critical thinking to leapfrog your skills to a new level! This course is packed with the crucial high-yield “need to know” (not the fluffy “nice to know”) content using modern education and learning concepts to make the most of your study time. Get ready to dominate the NCLEX®!

Audio instruction (mp3 files):
– Over nine information-packed hours of mp3 audio instruction, broken down into 35 critical lessons that are designed to hone your critical thinking skills

Strategies Workbook:
-The workbook provides you with the essential critical thinking skills and core knowledge required to succeed on the NCLEX®

-43-pages of course material that guides you during the mp3 audio instruction

Study Questions Book:
-Over 100 pages of “question-and-answer” style questions written in plain language so that you can study with a partner – even if that person is not familiar with medical terminology

Workbook sections include:
Study Strategies Overview
Lab Values
Diabetes Overview
Diabetes Complications
Pregnancy Overview

Labor and Delivery
Labor and Delivery Complications
Burn Care
Transmission Precautions
Chest Tubes

Pharmacology Essentials
Neuro and Spine Care
Acid-Base Relationships
Psych Essentials
Endocrine Essentials
Client Prioritization
Cardiac Rhythms

Knowledge alone is NOT enough. 

What strategies are you going to use?

Email us if you have updates to your school -

We’re confident in the course or we wouldn’t offer a money back guarantee if you don’t pass the NCLEX!  

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